“Our Mission to Protect & Promote Gender Equality & Equity”

Women’s Rights & Good Governance

KSSS works for the promotion & protection of women’s rights and their active participation in the local Government (Panchayats). The principle of Gender quality is one of the top most priorities of the organization. Women from the poor & marginalized communities are organized into CBO’s through the formation of SHGs, Federation, mahila mandals & core committees/Task Forces etc.

KSSS capacitates the elected women in the Panchayats in order to participate actively in Governance of the Panchayats. Good Governance therefore aims at increasing their knowledge and skills in PRI, Gramsabha, NREGA, Social Audit, Govt schemes, Social Security facilities  & VDP and thus their roles become very crucial to acts as the real agents of changes and influence the local government to address their real issues. SHGs, Federation and Core committee fight collectively against Caste System, gender violence, Social evils, atrocities, negative impact of Globalization and privatization etc.

KSSS promoted Micro credits and Micro Finance for the poor women which empower women economically and socially. Skill Building and various income generation programs like Micro enterprize, increase the decision making power of women and their bargaining power in the society. So KSSS works for the identity (Asmitha) of women where their status in the Society and their respect are maintained.

Major Achievements

  • In Ruden village, the issue of Drinking water was solved with the active leadership of Milan Federation’s members by fighting against the Panchayat.
  • In Kalkiya village federation members, solved sexually Harassment case at school and teacher suspended from the school.
  • 1009 women were linked with the bank loan at Bank of Baroda for Animal Husbandry.
  • Federation members linked with RUDSET for IGP training on Making Soap powder, phenoil at Nadiad Block.
  • Through the active participation and initiative of Milan Federation members, in Porda village the ration shop is been kept open regular.
  • From all the targeted areas 319 families started receiving of rations regular according the quality and quantity they are supposed to get.
  • In Porda village PRI body members were not supportive to any CBOs in the village but after the strong communication of Milan Federation, PRI body has started to involve and communicate with SHGs members, Animators and Members of Milan Federation.