KSSS through its Organizational Development process has set a Par dim shift in its Program Interventions, Quality Management, Human Resource Management, Administration minority and Evaluation, Resource Mobilization, Community Participation, Public Relation Media and Documentation etc.

The governing Body has approved its policies and systems so that the organization will be very accountable, transparent and very professional in its Administration, Governance, operation and its implementation of programs.

The organization has created the following sectors for its smooth operation and Administration along with its executive Director

  • Administration (HR and Finance)
  • Program Management
  • Documentation, Media, Public Relation and Resource Mobilization

The Executive Director

  • The Executive Director is the Head of the organization in administering the organization. He/She has been authorized to function with the advice & mandate of Governing Body.


  • The Team Leader for Administrations is fully in charge and responsible for both human resource management and Financial Administration. He/She has control over finance management, financial controlling, accounting and, planning. He/She is also in charge of Human Resource Management who initiates & structure recruiting process, conduct performance reviews, interviews, management of staff and their Capacity Building.This Department also may have senior, junior accountant, HR in charge person, office assistants and so on.

Program Management

  • This section will have sector wise/sector grouped Program Managers, Program Coordinators, Project Coordinators, Supervisors, Trainers, Field animators/Community Organizer and so on. For the entire program intervention, there may be a Team Leader who will be overall in charge for the entire program implementation and M&E etc.This department will also plan the program & executive them and report to the Director & the respective Funding Partners. They also organize various program, network with other linkages with Govt. cooperate Sectors and other service providers.