“Human Touch is the Healing Touch” – we see in them the image & likeness of God”

Health – HIV/Aids Intervention

KSSS promotes home based care and suppoert to PLHIVs with the focus on reducing stigma and discrimination against HIV/AIDS, and encourage the practice  of safe sex to prevent the disease. Today the organization continues to provide its services through Karuna Shakti Ashray / Health Care Center in Ahmedabad. The concept of HIV/AIDS has been mainstreamed in all our program interventions. Positive People’s Forum is solidarity group in KSSS initiative for the window’s affected and infected by HIV. It also promotes TB-HIV link programs with focus on care and support and Mobile Ambulance Service for PLHIVs.
KSSS also aims at empowering the communities especially the CBOs through various Health Programs on Safe Motherhood and Child Survival, prevention of communicable and non communicale diseases. It also addresses the issues of malnutrition, infant morality and female feticide.


  1. Safe Behaviour Promotion
  2. Care & Support
  3. Awareness Generation
  4. Psycho- social counseling (individual, group and home)
  5. PLHA Network
  6. Advocacy

Major Achievements

  • Outreach Services our ORWs do the Follow up of PLHIVs for ART adherence, retention in care, LFU and MIS. Clients are linked back to ARTCs and Early linkage to OI services. Every registered PLHIV is contacted.
  • Training on home based care: Education is provided to the care takers and care givers how they can take care of their patients at home and take all the precautions while taking care of their family members and they sensitized them on modes of prevention of HIV/AIDS & TB & Reduction of Stigma and discrimination.
  • Uttrayan (Kite Flying) was celebrated for 50 positive children at St. Xavier School Campus, Hansol, Ahmedabad. Shri Shailesh Parmar, MLA, Gomtipur solicited the function and showed his solidarity with children. Individual donors sponsored program with kites, sweets and thread.
  • World Aids Day, World Health Day, Hand Wash Day, World TB Day, International
    Women’s day, Save Girl Child Day etc… were celebrated with PLHIVs and C LHIVs and made a stage to bring awareness among the people. Their self Confidence and courage to fight against stigma and discrimination increased. We also celebrated Festivals like Rakshabandhan, Valentine Day, Christmas; Diwali which brought more than 500 PLHIVs and CLHIVs to share their solidarity and empathy with each other.
  • 175 PLHIVs received positive results after having referred for HIV Testing and they were linked to ART.
  • More than 1000 students from various colleges and high schools of Kheda districts were sensitized on HIV/AIDS & TB. Many students began to get involved in the service of PLHIVs as volunteers.
  • Educational and Nutritional kits were distributed to 80 Children Living with HIV supported by GAP Organization.
  • 88 CLHIVs received scholarship for their education.
  • Advocacy with 15 Media people assured their support for the VIHAAN, especially PLHIVs and CLHIVs. As a result of advocacy with media, various discrimination cases were published in different news papers to sensitize the public and duty bearers.
  • To improve the health of the PLHIVs Blankets & Quilts were distributed in Ahmedabad and Kheda to 200 HIV Positive Widows.
  • Nutrition food items like Dal, Rice, Oil, etc. were distributed to 35 PLHIVs widows once in two month during their solidarity meeting at Hansol. Uniforms, Health Kits and Educational assistance were provided to 30 CLHIVs.