“Healthy families build a healthy Society”

Healthy Enviornment & Disaster Management

KSSS is committed to develop the capacity and knowledge of the comminicates and the Panchyats to work towards pro-active approach in disaster management before, during and after any emergencies/disaster and promotes interventions on migration, prevention and comminity preparedness as a response to disaster.
All our efforts aim at enhancing community resilience through the formation of task forces, Farmer’s Clubs to withstand disaster with reduced negative impact on the lives of people and their livelihood. We network and alliance with Panchyats, CBOs, Disaster Management Authority, NGOs and other stackholders.
KSSS also promotes Natural Resource Management by mitigating the effects of climate change and empowering livelihood and reducing migration. It also promotes sustainable agriculture by promoting organic farming, wormy composite, soil and water conservation and protection of enviornment etc.

Major Achievements

  • A strong civil society movement like Task Forces can make a big development change in the VDP (Village Development Plan) and its implementation process which reaches to the poorest and needy.
  • Task Forces through their advocacy can change the mind set of men towards gender i.e. patriarchal taboos, bias, women discrimination, and involve men in promotion of Gender equality and equity.
  • Sensitizing (Awareness Creation) the poor especially the backward and marginalized on various govt. schemes will bring a change for accessing govt. facilities, benefits and schemes for the poor.
  • A strong leadership promotion among Task Forces will lead to economic, social and political empowerment and address their local issues independently on their.