“Harmony among the Diverse Communities is a path to development”

Communal Harmony & Peace Building

KSSS initiates various peace intervention like peace education, children’s parliament, Inter Religious Peace Meets (Sadbhavna), dialouge, fellowship program, value education for children in the community & schools, various religious/national festivals celebration through which the gap between the religious diverse communities are reduced, bias, prejudge and false myth are removed. Polarization, harted and revenge against each others are eradicated. The Communities are equipped with conflict management/resolution skills to manage any man made disaster/conflict. Thus the communities not ony assert their rights, fight for them but also recognize other’s rights and promote them in their communities.

Major Achievements

  • Children parliament from the major communities of Hindu, Muslims and Christian of Gomtipur slum areas took part in each one’s festivals, and coexist in harmonious and helping atmosphere. Many children have been equipped with skill to handle their small conflicts in their peace clubs and their neighborhood. They interact with each other, visit children of other religious and took part in Diwali, ID, Christmas and so on.
  • A healthy and peaceful platform for inter religious leaders have been promoted. The religious leaders Swami Adhyatmanandji, Fr. Joseph Appavoo, Sarla Didi and so on met in Shivanand Ashram during the Birthday of Swami Adhyatmanandaji on 3rd of May, 2015 and advocated peace and harmony. More than 500 people took part in this event.
  • The community leaders, SHG women, and minority women leaders in targeted villages are aware of peace, conflict and village development initiatives. They voice for other’s need in the Gramsabhas and join in this advocacy towards their own village development. During the year they have solved the following issues in their villages:
    • 275 children are linked to regular mid-day meal and malnutrition rate was decreased.
    • The minority women leaders helped Health workers in providing polio drop to 274 children in 12 villages after Leadership training.
    • In Dantali Village CC members pressurized the ICDS workers to provide quality food and nutrition to the children. The quality of MDM has improved a lot now.
    • The change is noticeable after the training that the minority women applied for the NREGA work to earn livelihood.
  • Peace clubs from the diverse religions communities are very active in taking part in co-curricular activities, speech competition, school tests, debates, sports, cultural events, peace rallies, school Swachatta Abhiyan, and international peace day celebration and so on. These children have become agents of peace and motivation to the youth and elders in their neighbourhood (areas / villages like Gomtipur, Kalsar, Dantali, Bhalej and so on.)