Kaira Social Service Society (KSSS), the official social wing of Diocese of Ahmedabad, works to promote the rights and health of the poor and marginalized communities in Gujarat irrespective of caste, creed and religion. It was registered under both the Bombay Public Trusts Act – 1950 and the Societies Registration Act – 1860, on February 3, 1967.

KSSS aims at empowering communities towards self reliance through CBO’s like SHGs, Peace Clubs, Federations, Mahila/Children Panchayats Task Force etc, which address their economic, social and other local issues. Today it functions very professionally with its well established various policies like HR, Financial, Gender, HIV/AIDS, Ethical, Child Protection, Policy against Sexual Harassment at work places and so on.




MinabenGirishbhai Solanki is from Bhaner village. She is 25 years old. She lives with her husband and three children. She is a housewife and her husband is a vegetable seller. During the covid 19 time her husband went through the depression as there was no income and earnings for family members. He became an alcoholic person very badly and due to that Mrs. Minaben became a victim of domestic violence. Her husband became irregular in selling vegetables due to which her family financial condition became very much poor. She has two cows and one Buffalo that became source of income. But with that she cannot pay fees in the school for her three children and her life became terrible. She did not understand what can be done.


Now I save around Rs. 100 per day and sell the extra vegetables

“Earlier I used to buy vegetables from the shop and spent money on that. Then I was supported with inputs provided under Sanjivani project and was guided to establish a small vegetable garden near my home. My family is very happy with this attempt of mine to set up a vegetable garden in our home backyard. With advice from the project staff, I used vermicompost before sowing the seeds. I could clearly see the improvement in yield and quality of vegetables, especially bitter gourd, brinjal and ridge gourd. I have sold nearly 20 kg raddish d and 14 kg bitter gourd in the village so far and got good profits. Apart from that, my neighbors also got inspired by me and now they have also started growing vegetables in their home premises.”

Now I am getting good quality vegetables like ‘palak’, raddish and ‘bhindi’ (okra) from my own nutri-garden. I am using these vegetables for household consumption and saving around Rs 100 per day and selling the extra produce.”


 Leading nutrition committees in eliminating malnutrition

Under Zero Mal Nutrition Project by Kaira Social Service Society formed 27 nutrition committees to eradicate malnutrition within different targeted villages. In which about 405 women and men have joined the Group. Since the last three years, members of the Nutrition Committee have been working on issues of malnutrition at their village level. In which the participation of men has increased by 3%.


 My Green Kitchen Garden

The farmer is called the Father of the world. It is an important part of society. Farmers are visited under Sanjeevni’s project so that people do not stay away from their health and maintain it. During the visit of farmers the KSSS staff, Delivers information and insights on topics like on Why to develop the kitchen garden? What are the benefits? What effect does this have on health?

It is about Jashubhai, a farmer from Rudan village.


  My responsibility is to my family

India is an agricultural country. But in today’s modern and technological era people are turning to modern farming. KSSS organization Provides information and understanding on topics like who can develop kitchen garden? Where it can be developed? What are the benefits? What effect does this have on health? etc. to the people through trainings.
Minaben who lives in Bhaner village have a deep interest in organic farming. She grows small vegetables and tubers in the fallow lands of their fields. He himself is very enthusiastic and learns how to grow plants by watching videos on YouTube and putting them into practice. After participating in the training, Minaben has expanded the area of ​​her kitchen garden using manure, cow urine, dashaparni, limit disinfectant, and earthworm hazard.



  She who has strength must serve in her capacity

I am Kamlaben Chavda from Dantali village. I am a member of the peace committee. Since KSSS entered my village I have been a member of different groups. Though I am an illiterate woman, KSSS built my capacity and enabled me. Today I can do any work for the better development of the community.

During the covid19 pandemic situation people became unemployed. Due to the lockdown my community people faced a very critical situation. As the government announced a strict lockdown, all people were at home for two months. My people had not enough food and not enough money as many are daily labourers. Many women used to come to my house and ask for some work. I could not do anything. I was helpless. My mind was thinking about them every time. At one day I suddenly thought of MGNREGA work. In June 2020 as partial lockdown was lifted,




KSSS has been working for the welfare of people living with HIV AIDS since 2005 by providing care and support and counselling and always aims to empower. During this lockdown once again KSSS became helping hand for these families. Ms Rukshana (Name changed) belongs to middle class family and her husband was our client who was taking service from our CSC but last year her husband died because of HIV AIDS so she struggles for study of his Son and the way of surviving. During the lockdown KSSS Team with director visited her house and provided nutrition kit along with her KSSS has also distributed kits to 18 PLHIV and 10 CLHIV.



Rangoli nagar is rapidly growing area of Narol block of Ahmadabad district where thousands of migrant are staying from other states which are from different religion, cast and culture. People of these residential areas are always struggles with economic crisis. when we started distributing ration kit we met Mr. Mehul Darji (Name changed) and his wife Ms. Mona Darji migrants from other district working in GIDC (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation). Ms.Mona is physically challenged and they have three children.



There is another success from Kheda district of Gujarat. The people from Karoli Panchayat have taken benefits from the Old Age Pension. One of such beneficiary is Premilaben Parshottambhai of Karoli village. She is an old lady who has not been getting pension even though her form was approved by the Government departments.
Manjulaben came in contact to me through meeting in the year 2018 at Karoli. During the meeting she shared the services provided to the poor and marginalized people.


Voice Of The Unheard

“It’s difficult to raise your voice in village meetings when you are not a leader and not with team.” So therefore Kaira Social Service Society formed a Village Development Committee (VDC) in Kathana na Muvada village of Kathlal Taluka. Various trainings and programs were conducted in this village with the support of VDC members. The Right to Food Campaign (RTF) is “an informal network of organizations and individuals committed to the realization of the right to food in India” Starting from the village street.


Action Speaks Louder Than The Words

One major problem that came up was the quantity of kerosene that was to be provided to BPL, APL and Antodaya families. All ration shops owners were supplying kerosene according to their whims and fancies. Some shops were giving 5litres, some 6L and a maximum of 7L was being supplied. When most families do not own gas cylinders they have to rely on kerosene for cooking. Kerosene available in markets and that too in the black markets is as high as Rs 30/- a litre ñ a price, which most families could not afford.


When Women Came Together For Water

Women of Karoli village in Kheda district have become an inspiration for other Village Development Committee members now, thanks to their determination to improve the drinking water situation in their village street.
In 2016, help came in the form of Kaira Social Service Society, an NGO working for poor and marginalized community development issues in Anand, Kheda, Ahmedabad and Mahisagar districts who helped the women of Karoli to constitute Village Development Committee, a people’s organization for solving their community problems.



Before Peace Building program in Dantali, we the youth were spending our days in leisure time, extremely aggressive. In our village Kaira Social Service Society has formed Youth Peace Group under Aman Setu – Bridges of Peace program.



Today In communal riot affected villages through bridges of peace program 669 children from 46 children peace club (neighborhood children’s parliament) spreading peace and becoming peace makers through celebration of different religious festivals by involving every religious people and children.



On 24-04-2017 children of Balswaraj went to meet parliament member Mr. Devsingh Chauhan. They demanded verbally and written, to make the new school in Dantali, C.C. TV Cameras be installed in Dantali School and abo to run a S.T.Bus in Dantali and Bamroli.



Regular visit & monitoring of VDC members of Angadi to AngAnganvadianvadi brought changes in every dealing especially irregular coming of teacher and providing nutritious food to the children. This Anganvadi Ghatak – 1 have been awarded for its regularity and best performance, because of VDC members’ involvement and participation in ensuring their right to food.



I am Chandu (Name Changed) from Dhar District. I was addicted by tube solution. While I was wondering at Nadiad railway station, I was caught by two team members of Kheda Child Line. During my counseling they came to know about my parents and they contacted them. My parents refused me to be with them. And after some days my parents migrated to another place.



Kiran and Liza both are from Alindra village of Kheda district.  Both these children are malnourished. Parents are illiterate and living in a poor economic condition. The family depends on the daily wage. Due to lack of nutritious food and other necessary requirements of these children’s growth stunted .



Arti Patel and Soni Sushma, both girls are dropout students from Vansol village. One day, they learned from KSSS staff that KSSS is imparting training in beautician course especially for drop out youth. They joined the course and did all the hard work to emerge first in the batch.



I am living at Sihoripura with my family. Since last five to six years I am living separate from my parents. My earning is very little as I am a labour. As my earning is too little I was unable to buy enough rations and any materials/eatable or any other things for my family. I tried my best to have my own ration card through which at least I can buy enough rations.




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