Success Stories

Anganvadi Ghatak – 1

Regular visit & monitoring of VDC members of Angadi to AngAnganvadianvadi brought changes in every dealing especially irregular coming of teacher and providing nutritious food to the children. This Anganvadi Ghatak – 1 have been awarded for its regularity and best performance, because of VDC members’ involvement and participation in ensuring their right to food.


Solution to issue of livelihood

Through an active leadership, initiative and advocacy of VDC members of Marida village in Kheda, District Development Officer solved the issue of livelihood under MGNREGA. Today in Marida village 3006 people benefited under MGNREGA scheme earning Rs. 167/- per day.

VDC Member, Marida

Solution to Mid-day meals issue in Anganvadi

VDC members in Zalabordi, advocated with Dist. Collector regarding irregular distribution of Midday meals in the primary and snacks in Anganvadi. The collector of Anand intervened in this issue. Now Midday meals and snacks are provided to the children very regularly as per the Government guidelines.

VDC Member, Zalabordi


New School In Dantali

On 24-04-2017 children of Balswaraj went to meet parliament member Mr. Devsingh Chauhan. They demanded verbally and written, to make the new school in Dantali, C.C. TV Cameras be installed in Dantali
School and about to run a S.T.Bus in Dantali and Bamroli.


My School, My Home

Members of Children’s Parliament from Matar School had discussed on an issue of filthy and stinking surrounding near school. The parliamentarians initiated cleanliness drive to that area with permission from
village sarpanch. Children’s Parliament of Matar village fetched 10 dustbins and brooms from the Khilkhilat van drivers. Thanks to Driver Mr. Samirbhai.


Sanitation Facility for Girls and Boys in School

Girls and boys had to use open toilets in village school of Thasra block. Children’s parliaments of that school decided to do all the possible to ensure privacy to Girls and Boys of the Harkhol village. This Children parliament took the lead in bringing the issue to the notice of Panchayat administration. The Panchayat now has built. Toilet for Girls and Boys.” We want to do all that we can for the benefit of the society”, says the members of Children parliament Thasra.

Unemployment, Now NO More

I was unemployed, disappointed and rejected youth. KSSS equipped me with Driving skill and linked me to the employment opportunity. today i drive my own AUTORIKSHOW and earn upto Rs. 500 per day. I am able to make family happy.

Tadpada Yogesh Bhai

Unemployment, Now NO More

I was rejected child of my parents because I am person living with Disability, KSSS gave me a chance to prove myself as a instructor of Garment Making training at Amod Center. After completing the 5 batches of Garment Making, I was linked for the bank loan and benefited with Rs. 45,000/- and Rs. 15,000/- was subsided loan. i also benefited with “No Objection” Certificate from Bank for any kind of loan in future.

Jyoti (Amod Center)

Healthy Environment, Healthy Life

Ganol is village where people live in very simple and hard life without any facilities of life living. Most of the people belong to BC and are poor. People are suffering from various sicknesses. People are surrounded by too much garbages and dirty water which affect directly the health of people and especially children. In rainy season the situation becomes more unbearable. Task force members and other community members discussed this issue among themselves and thereafter they presented this issue in the Gram Sabha and fought for their right. After lots of struggle, finally they succeeded in cleaning that area and constructed RCC road. People were happy to see the success.